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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Put Some Pleasure In Your Business

Are you naughty?  Do you like to have fun during inappropriate professional times?  If so, can we be friends?  I really like to have a good time no matter what I’m doing or where I’m going and this includes business or business-like trips.  Just because you have to travel somewhere for serious reasons doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while there (that is if your boss isn’t breathing down your neck the whole time). 

I’ve had to take a lot of mini-trips to SoCal this last year for Grad school interviews, job interviews and apartment hunting (sometimes driving there and back in the same day).  But just because I’ve been going there for important life changing reasons and have had to drive from Sacramento to Los Angeles far too many times for not being a truck driver, doesn’t mean I haven’t made the most of it. 

When I went to Orange County for my CSU Fullerton interview back in April I asked my mom to join me and we made a mini trip out of it.  I found a deal on Living Social for a Pirate dinner adventure which included a 3 course meal and a Pirate adventure show.  So I bought the deal and we went down to LA the day before my interview.  We arrived to the hotel, got ready and drank Caribbean Mai Tais with some blimey pirates.  AND I was still fresh-faced and doe-eyed for my interview the next morning (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)!!

The best part was this 3-course dinner adventure only cost me $66 total ($33 per person) when it’s regularly priced at $66 per person.  Plus I only paid $45 for the hotel (booked on Orbitz).  My total cost for the mini 2-day/1-night trip was $111.  If that price isn’t pleasurable then I don’t know what is!!

Then I just went to SoCal again to do some apartment hunting.  My friend Rachelle joined me and we made another mini-trip out of it.  Even though I wanted to make sure I spent most of my time finding my future castle (or a 25 square foot shack, whichever is available), I wanted to have some fun too.  We took a Friday off and drove down at the butt crack of dawn to search for my next humble abode.    Amidst the never ending apartment hunting we went wine tasting which included an appetizer ($11 per person) and to a dinner & drag show ($21 per person).  Total cost for these adventures was $32 per person whereas they are regularly priced at about $60 per person (both purchased on living social).  We got to taste some delicious wine and eat some fantastic food as well as witness life changing entertainment in the form of womanly-dressed men bouncing their body parts and lip synching to (and dressed as) Madonna, Lady Gaga, Dolly Parton, etc.  What could possibly be better than that?  

The only thing better than twerking drag performers was all the good food we ate!!!!!  The appetizers at the wine bar were absolutely delicious.  The best charcuterie plate I have ever had, yummy chicken sliders and such mouthwatering BBQ pizza made my taste buds dance like happy hungry hippos.  The 3-course meal that was part of the drag-show dinner package was actually pretty tasty and was a lot more food than I had expected.  All in all a very entertaining weekend with lots of good food makes for a pleasurable while productive weekend!!

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