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Sunday, August 17, 2014


FIRST of all, I am NOT an Adventure Junky!!  I only like to soar high through the sky, drive fast cars, jump from a ledge attached to a bungee cord, ride fast and high rides, roller coasters and plummet to the depths of the ocean.  None of that makes me an adventure junky.  An adventure junky is someone who will lock themselves in a cage and submerge themselves into shark infested waters and I will absolutely positively never EVER do that (seriously, would anyone actually do this?)!!!!

BUT I do still have adventurous excursions and it’s all because I finally created my bucket list.  I got tired of saying someday I want to do that and someday I will do this; someday will never come if you don’t start planning for it today.  So I wrote everything I want to do down and started crossing the items off my list.

OKAY, so I know it seems strange for me to have a bucket list at this point in my life when I have a good 10-11 years left (40=death right?).  Most people tend to think they don’t need a bucket list until they start receiving their social security benefits but I believe you’re never too young to start experiencing life.  And as cliché and silly as the motto goes, 

We really only have so much time on earth and I believe we should try to make the most out of it while we still can.  Therefore, if you haven’t already, you should create that bucket list and start experiencing shark diving (if you're clinically insane) ASAP.  However, trying to accomplish everything on that bucket list can be very daunting (which is another reason to start young).  AND it can be super expensive!!

WHICH is why you have come to read my blog; so you can find out how to accomplish that exciting (i.e. terrifying) shark diving adventure on a budget.  I have said it before and I will say it again, GROUPON, LIVING SOCIAL, TRAVELZOO!!!!  These sites are at your literal fingertips every day so USE them (or I can find them for you)!!  I have found so many different adventures on these sites that it has provided me with even more mind-altering excursions to add to my bucket list. 

Here are some of the adventures I have so far accomplished thanks to these wonderful online creations.  Now you may notice some of these adventures have been mentioned in other posts but they are still relevant here so I’m repeating myself (deal with it).

What I Paid
Adventure Junkies Pay
White Water Rafting
Rock of Ages on Broadway
Dinner Detective Show
Snorkeling in San Diego
New York City & DC Trip
Food Tours

YES that is almost 50% of savings on exciting life adventures.  Don’t be jealous, just start doing it yourself!!! (you can be a little jealous, I really won't mind).
Skydiving was absolutely thrilling and I can't wait to do it again from a higher altitude and a better view (the cow chow view of Lincoln, CA really didn't do it for me!). I don't have any pics of the actual skydiving experience but you can enjoy the pre-skydiving pics below!
White water rafting was also too much fun and I highly recommend doing it whenever California has rivers again!!  Side note: Do not wear flip flops, you will likely lose one or both of them when being thrown out of the raft by chasing rapids.  AND hopping on one leg because you didn't bring extra shoes and the ground is too hot is not fun!!  Another side note: Gripping your paddle for dear life will NOT keep you from being thrown from the raft.  Lessons learned the hard way for me!!!

Snorkeling is always a new adventure no matter how many times you have done it.  There are so many different sights to see lurking in the ocean.  But if you come across any sharks I was not the one who suggested this to you!!

If you have never been to a dinner detective show you should definitely do it soon.  It is a lot of laughs coupled with great food.  What could be better than that?

NOW, not all of the adventures I have done have been purchased through these sites.  I have had other mystical life changing experiences throughout the years that haven’t been a deal but are still worth experiencing and saving for.  I have been on a hiking, kayaking, zip lining experience in Hawaii, hiking and rock climbing in the Grand Canyon, para-sailing in Hawaii, snorkeling in Mexico, visited New York TWICE and more that my brain can't remember right now (my parents used to play catch with me when I was a baby so I've had brain damage for as along as I can't even remember)!!.  

HOWEVER, not everything on your bucket list has to be death defying.  I have plenty of items on my list that are actually responsible grown up activities (I am too a grown up!!!).  I have things such as buying a new car (finally did that), getting my Masters (about to start that), opening an IRA and receiving my social security benefits before they no longer exist!!  That’s the beauty of creating your own bucket list; it doesn't have to be like anyone else’s.  Do what YOU want to do and do it NOW!!!            

With that being said, I do of course have many more gravity defying adventures I want to do and you better know by now that I will be purchasing them through my godsend that is Groupon, Living Social or Travelzoo.  (I should really start getting commission from these sites right?)


Friday, August 8, 2014


Are you looking for something new and fun to do?  Then I have just the answer. BIKE & BREW!!  It's a moving bar with bike pedals attached and can only move when people pedal.  Genius right?  

If you have yet to experience this adventure then I feel real sorry for you!! But lucky for you it is now in Sacramento thanks to owners Chris and Sarah.  This is a must do adventure for anyone looking to have some drinks but with a new twist to the regular old bar hopping routine.  They take you to 3 bars throughout Midtown Sacramento over the course of 2-2.5 hours.  When you arrive to each bar you get about 20-30 minutes to chillax and get your drink on.  Chris or Sarah then give everyone a 5 minute warning to let you chug the rest of your drinks before it's time to head out to the next hot spot.  Then you hop back on the bike and pedal your heart out.  You really get to earn those calories you guzzle and stuff your face with throughout the night.

Now I know that this isn't exactly a brand new adventure and has been around for a while but it's brand spanking new to Sacramento.  And as far as business owners go Chris and Sarah are absolutely amazing!!!  They helped me throughout a major crisis: when I realized my phone had fallen out of my back pocket (yes I am a genius who put their phone in their back pocket while bicycling), Sarah volunteered to go find it.  Thanks to my protective rubber phone glove (and because Sarah is a BOSS) she found my phone without a scratch on it.  Moral of the story kids: Always wear a rubber!!!  Oh AND trust Chris and Sarah to take care of business.  Not only was it great customer service for her to search for my phone but it was also fantabulous business management.  It's the kind of service that will not only get you great yelp reviews but it will get blogs written about you!! (If that’s not living the high life then I don’t know what it).

Seriously Sac town if you are looking for something new and fun to do I highly recommend Sacbrewbike.  You will have fun, meet new interesting people and have a great adventure to rub in your coworkers face the next morning.  WIN-WIN-WIN right? It’s $20 for the Lance Armstrong experience and then you get a discount at the bars you go to.  It could be a great date night, fun girls/boys night out or just a new way to mix up your alcoholic lifestyle.  Whatever you choose to do it for you won’t regret it.  Trust me, I’m a professional adventurer (writing a blog makes me professional right?).

If you don't believe how much fun it is check out these pics!!!


What's even better about this company is that they are about to partner with Local Roots food tours in Sacramento to provide food and drink tours throughout Midtown Sacramento on the bikes.  Food & Drinks & Bikes?  That's my fantasies come true!!!