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Friday, September 5, 2014


I don't mean that in the literal sense (unless you want to give me some money which I'm all for!!).  I mean that in the figurative going to a show and saving money while doing so kind of sense.
Personally, I absolutely love going to shows.  Comedy shows, concerts, plays, magic shows, variety shows, drag shows, etc.  Any time someone is putting themselves on stage to be ridiculed for my comical benefit should definitely be seen!! 
I have seen all kinds of shows thanks to the wondrous inventions Groupon and Living Social.  Everything from comedy shows, Broadway plays, Backstreet Boys (don’t judge me!!), dinner shows and much more are all life changing events I have experienced in recent years.  Seriously, I would not have a life at all if it weren’t these magical online deal-guru sites!!  Here’s a list of some of the shows I have seen and what I paid versus what a show snob would pay:


What I Paid

Show Snobs Pay

Latin Comedy Jam in Sacramento



Backstreet Boys in Sacramento



Rock of Ages on Broadway in New York



The Perfect Crime off Broadway in New York



Lipstick & Lashes Dinner & Drag Show in Santa Ana



Pirate Dinner Show in Buena Park



Dinner Detective Show for 2 people in Sacramento






 Yes folks you read that correctly.  I paid $277 for $528 worth of shows.  That’s $251 in savings!!  Am I good or am I good? (Trick questions, there’s only 1 right answer)  Now I know I have mentioned some of these events in other posts but they are relevant again so I’m repeating myself (you’ll live if you read it again!!). 
The Latin comedy jam didn’t have many big name comedians but the performers were pretty funny and it was a fun time for only $12. 

I wasn’t completely excited to see the Backstreet Boys (I was more of an N’Sync girl) but I was absolutely surprised how good the show was.  They put on a great performance for a band that’s been together for 20 years and they didn’t look half bad (check out Brian) for nearly 40 years old (40 = over the hill right?).  Not to mention a friend of a friend was very punctual and scored us closer seats than our purchased lawn seats!  Plus I was very proud of my friend Cherita for not crying (she cries at every concert)!! Love you Cherita!!! BACKSTREET’S BACK ALRIGHT!!


Now Rock of Ages is a show I was entirely ecstatic to see.  I’m an 80s soul at heart (I took a facebook quiz that told me this and you know those quizzes are completely VALID).  I saw the movie first and thought it was pretty good so I wanted to see the musical too.  A little piece of advice: SEE THE MUSICAL.  It’s absolutely hilarious and enjoyable.  Where else can you sing 80s music at the top of your lungs and not get sideways stink eyed? LOVE IT!!  Travelzoo and Living Social have deals on Broadway shows all the time so there really isn’t any excuse to pay full price (just saying)!

The Perfect Crime was an interesting and quirky show.  I don’t know if I would want to see it again but if you are into plays but not a fan of musicals then this would be a good show to see.  It’s played by a very small cast but is pretty engaging and keeps you guessing throughout the whole show.  Something different at the very least.

I’ve mentioned Lipsticks and Lashes before but I must repeat myself.  GO SEE IT!!!  If you aren’t shy and like to see scantily-clad womenly-dressed men twerking and lip-synching, then GO SEE IT!!  It’s hilarious, fun and they provide food.  What more do I need to say?
The Pirate Dinner Show is another one I have mentioned before. This is a great show for all ages.  It’s an engaging show that has it all: singing, dancing, acting and food! Again, what more do I need to say.  AND this show has been put back up on Living Social so you have NO EXCUSES!!

The Dinner Detective Show in Sacramento is almost always on Groupon so if you are interested in trying it out I definitely recommend it and I absolutely recommend paying less than full price (catching a theme?).  This is another really fun engaging show where food is involved so obviously I was doing it!!  You get to interact with everyone at the show and mixed in are actors pretending they have no idea what’s going on (i.e. "acting").  Throughout the show people “die” and you have to guess who the killer is. The person who guesses correctly gets free tickets to another show a few months out.  So if you’re a regular Sherlock Holmes you can win and get 2 shows for the price of half of one.  WIN-WIN right there!!

 SO have you booked a show yet?

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