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Friday, June 20, 2014

Getting started

THIS is a first for me folks so please bear with me as I learn this thing called "blogging."  I've always considered myself somewhat tech savvy (knowing how to google = tech savvy right?).  While not completely in the loop on the current trends, I believe that I've maintained a fairly decent knowledge on the workings of the internet.  However, creating and maintaining a blog is completely foreign to me.  It was suggested to me by a friend (Hi Cherita!!!) that I should create a blog for my deal finding ways.

LIKE many people I am in a constant state of being broke.  I live paycheck to paycheck and have to watch every penny I spend, but I still want to participate in the adventures and experiences the elite get to enjoy.  I want to travel the world, see the 7 wonders, see magnificent shows, sore the skies, plunge into the depths of the world, pole dance with contortionists, mud run with pigs, belly dance with sumo wrestlers, twerk with Miley Cirus (why not?), and just about everything that would be included on a bucket list, except cage dive with sharks.  A recurring nightmare as a child has me terrified of sharks (I still haven't forgiven the company that recommended snorkeling in shark infested waters in Mexico)  Unfortunately, always waiting for that next paycheck makes doing these things very difficult.  

SO a few years ago a friend introduced me to Groupon and Living Social (thanks Sharan, I haven't forgotten you were the one who introduced me) and I instantly fell in love!!  Ever since learning of these deal generators I have consistently lived by them and I have found many other sites that offer deals as well (gotta love the internet, seriously how did we survive 20 years ago?).  Now I live by these sites.  I don't do anything without "consulting" them first.  For me Christmas gifts, birthday presents, vacations, events, etc. are almost exclusively purchased on a deal site.  I won't even go to the store without seeing if an item I think I "need" is available on one of these sites first.  Because of these life savers, I have been able to experience more in the last 3-4 years than I have in my entire life.  I've been skydiving, rock climbing, white water rafting, happy hour painting, finally went to New York (twice), seen Broadway shows, been to many different festivals (Mexican fiestas, Brazilian carnivals, fairs, etc) and concerts (Backstreet's back alright!!), wine trains, booze buses, dinner shows, comedy shows, boozing it up with Santa Claus, mud runs, color runs, night runs, food tours and on and on and on and on.  Even every day activities like bowling and getting Starbucks are offered on these sites regularly.  

MY ability to spend hours searching these sites is what makes it possible for me and most of my friends to have lives and it's because of my frugal ways that my friend suggested I create this blog.  We recently went to New York for a week and spent no more than $1000 (each) on the trip.  Which, if you have been to New York, you know is pretty damn impressive. That includes airfare from California, hotel (or in this case apartment rental), transportation, sight seeing, activities, events, food and most importantly ALCOHOL. These sites, along with other travel sites (travelzoo, homeaway, airbnb) can make any trip financially possible.

THIS is where the blog idea comes into play.  Who really wants to spend hours of their day searching site after site after site for that deal to go somewhere or do something?  Well, obviously I DO I DO I DO I DOOOOOOOO.  If you want to enjoy these things as well then I can help you.  I have no problem wasting my sleeping hours helping others find that shark diving experience they've been dreaming (or in my case nightmaring) about.  Hopefully I can remember to continue this blog site and show all that I have been able to experience and convince you that it's worth the time invested to be able to experience life's adventures.  I hope to post pictures and descriptions of events soon with the costs of the events versus what people with money pay for the same events.  So please stick with me as I figure out how to conform to current trends and BLOG about it all. 

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